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Get the most of technology to satisfy patients,
and place them at the heart of the solution.
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Exciting project, where the clinic gave us green card to dirupt the way they interact with patients on the Internet.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

Create a website that refeclts the quality of our services and our international reach for patients.

2. Result

A Website where, a patient from any country, can arrange his medical treatment and stay in Tunsia, weeks before arriving.

3. Experience

Patients and Clinique La Rose can arrange the whole booking process from the website. The patient can share his medical data, talk to the hospital, make online consultation, all in Clinique La Rose's Website before even travelling to Tunisia.

Project Details

Client: Clinique La Rose

Date: 1st April, 2017

Online: Coming Soon

At KAWAMI, we took in charge the project from the very beginning. We spent the time needed with the shareholders and decison makers of the clinic in order to understand their needs, the details about the services they are providing and the challenges they are facing.
We came out, all together, with a solution that dirupts the interaction between patients, the clinic and the doctors. We build up a solution that integrates the user from day one, and that places the patient at its heart. It is the very first Clinic website in North Africa that provides such services to patients.

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