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Business planning for a Dutch Startup based in Shanghai and specializing in Chinese industry insights.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

Do the business plan to raise seed funds for a Dutch startup based in Shanghai.

2. Result

A detailed business plan with innovative approaches in marketing and growth hacking in order to attract international companies looking for data abou the Chinese market.

3. Experience

The interaction with different stakeholders from different countries to make a realistic business plan that resulted to a successfull fundraising and opened doors to new clients and markets.

Project Details

Client: Datenna

Date: 11th March, 2015

Online: Datenna

It is practically impossible to get information about Chinese companies, especially about their innovation strategy and level of technology. By compiling information from a wide range of sources, Datenna is able to deliver exceptional intelligence to businesses interested in the Chinese market.
We could deliver a detailed business plan to Datenna and take the business to the next level. Our work could open doors to Datenna and let it look for new opportunities in a highly difficult and competitive market.

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